Abescon Lighthouse Coating

EISI was recognized for the color accurate finish restoration of this lighthouse in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Abescon Lighthouse Coating

Historical restoration of Abescon lighthouse finish.

ABC Outstanding Merit Award

The Project: Restore exterior finish of 151 year old lighthouse. The tallest lighthouse in the State of NJ at 171 ft. (third tallest light house in the USA).

The Scope: Remove failed coatings and replace with specialty acrylic Modac coating.

The Catch: Project must be completed, and OSHA safety standards maintained while the lighthouse remained open to the public.

The Project was completed in 5 weeks and entailed removing failed coatings without disturbing the integrity of the 150 year old mortar and brick. Surface had to be prepped, sealed and recoated from a 150 ft. tall high reach and had to be completed without having any impact on the brick walkways so that the lighthouse could remain open to the public.

The coating project was performed by EISI’s specially trained, certified coatings division following OSHA safety guidelines. Highly trained coatings specialists with expertise in historic renovation were utilized to ensure that the 150 year old structure remained preserved for future generations.

Safety concerns were a high priority due to the special aspects identified and planned for during pre-bid evaluation. These included:

  • Wind conditions and chemical containment.
  • Structure movement – couple of inches at ground level to several feet at top height.
  • Work around the public and accommodate tours were required
  • Maintain environmental sensitivity and job site cleanliness

The Result: Project was completed on time and on budget. More importantly no injuries or incidents over the course of the project, under some extremely unusual working conditions, were incurred by EISI mechanics, Lighthouse visitors or Personnel.

EISI was recognized by the Association of Builders & Contractors (ABC) with an Outstanding Merit Award for the restoration of the Absecon Lighthouse in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

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