Pharma Facility Expansion

ABC recognized EISI for insulation, coatings and scaffolding services during the Siegfried USA, Inc., Building 3 Dryer Addition.

thermal insulation and fireproofing

Thermal insulation and fireproofing.

exterior hvac duct insulation

TechnaDuc® HVAC duct insulation.

protective coatings application

Protective coating applied to walls, floor and stairs.

thermal insulation and protective coating work

Coating and insulation work within a laboratory.

2014 ABC Excellence in Construction Award

The Project: During the early part of 2014, EISI was informed by Siegfried USA in Pennsville, NJ that a significant expansion to the facility would take place.

The Scope: Siegfried, being well aware of EISI’s family of services determined they would like to use one point of contact for their insulation, scaffolding, coatings, fireproofing and hvac duct insulation for the upcoming project. In partnering with the facility, EISI was able to provide value engineering on all of our trade fronts. The experience of EISI’s professional staff enabled the project team to select superior systems for better long term performance, increased durability, and an overall safer process.

The Catch: Managing within tight budget constraints.

The Result: Through the utilization of a single contractor to provide cost effective multi-craft services, Siegfried was able to reduce contract management and field administration costs, accelerate project time lines, and work with a trusted contract partner with a history of awarding winning safety performance. The use of multi-craft mechanics cut down the number of personnel requiring site orientation and kept employees familiar with the facility and their hands on the job. Rather than having to deal with multiple trade contractors, EISI’s single point of contact simplified the entire communication process.

EISI’s Thermal Insulation Division was able to offer cost effective insulation solutions to provide for process efficiency and area safety. With time being at a premium EISI worked with the facility to explore alternate methods of insulating facility components. In doing so, a choice was made to break away from traditional applications and look for new innovations to provide economical and timely solutions. The application of PTM Manufacturing’s Techna-Duc®, the only patented insulation panel system for exterior duct insulation, provided Siegfried with 20 years of future peace of mind. Techna-Duc® provided a long term solution to historical duct insulation problems.

EISI’s Coatings Division advised the facility on proper protective coating systems to maximize steel life and present an aesthetically pleasing result. EISI worked around the other trades in the area so as not to impede progress and help keep the schedule on track. The end result from floor to ceiling showed the type of quality for which EISI has become known.

EISI’s Coatings Division also designed and applied architectural intumescent fireproofing systems to structural steel in areas with potential exposure to fire. While structural steel is a non-combustible material; the high-sustained temperatures of a fire can severely damage unprotected steel. Structural steel will lose approximately 50% of its load carrying capacity as temperatures approaching 1100°F. Properly designed and applied fireproofing works by encasing the steel and insulating it, keeping the steel temperature below the point where strength is compromised. EISI’s fireproofing work will help keep the process area safe for future generations.

EISI’s Scaffolding Division provided OSHA compliant work platforms for multiple trades to work safely at height. Scaffold was used by mechanical contractors, electricians and structural steel workers to access required work areas and perform their required tasks. All scaffolds were erected under the direct supervision of an EISI competent person and were inspected on a daily basis for the use of all involved parties. Work at height is a leading cause of injuries in construction. Thanks to EISI’s effort, all involved trades were able to perform their work while experiencing no injuries.

The synergistic effort of our family of services made the whole effort seamless for the facility. Over the course of the project, EISI employees worked over 2500 hours on site without an incident, illness or injury. All phases of EISI’s work were delivered ahead of schedule and under budget. EISI continues to provide services at the facility in support of construction and maintenance activities.

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