EISI Award Winning Projects

These case studies show the type of work that we do and how we do it.

Cape May Lighthouse Coating Work

Coating application from a 180 ft. aerial lift.

Cape May Lighthouse Coating

2017 ABC Excellence in Construction Award

EISI performed surface preparation and color accurate coating application to restore the Cape May Lighthouse. The coastal environment was challenging due to continually changing winds and weather conditions. Multiple aerial lifts and ground spotters were used to safely access the structure. EISI experienced zero injuries, incidents or illnesses during the project.

Learn more about the Cape May Lighthouse Coating project here.

Industrial Pipe Thermal Insulation

Metal jacketed pipe insulation.

Chemical Plant Expansion

2015 ABC Excellence in Construction Award

EISI proved itself a responsible ally when the general contractor defaulted during a multi-million dollar chemical plant expansion. We worked with the project team providing thermal insulation, scaffolding, and fire stopping services to facilitate project completion. Our multi-craft mechanics were on site for over 14,000 hours, experiencing no injuries, incidents or occupational illnesses.

Learn more about the Chemical Plant Expansion project here.

Industrial Pipe Insulation

Industrial pipe insulation and fireproofing.

Pharma Facility Expansion

2014 ABC Excellence in Construction Award

EISI provided single point of contact service with value engineering for insulation, scaffolding, coatings, fireproofing and HVAC duct insulation. Rather than dealing with multiple trade contractors, EISI’s single point of contact simplified the entire communication process. As a result, we reduced contract management and field administration costs, and accelerated project time lines. EISI employees worked over 2500 hours on site without an incident, illness or injury.

Learn more about the Pharma Facility Expansion project here.

Techna Duc Exterior HVAC Duct Insulation

Maintenance free Techna-Duc® HVAC duct insulation.

Odessa School Insulation

2012 ABC Excellence in Construction Award

EISI was responsible for all plumbing, mechanical and hvac insulation associated with the project. Our approach to safety and co-ordination with other contractors minimized conflicts and improved productivity and safety. EISI experienced zero injuries during this project.

Learn more about the Odessa School Insulation project here.

Intumescent Fire Stop

Intumescent fire stop used to seal pipe opening.

Hotel Fire Safing

2012 ABC Excellence in Construction Award

We provided fire safing installation during hotel renovation work. While straight forward in a new construction project, fire safing during renovation is challenging due to confined spaces, close quarters, co-ordintaion with other trades and need for the business to remain open. EISI experienced no incidents, illnesses or injuries during the project.

Learn more about the Hotel Fire Safing project here.

Abescon Lighthouse Coating

Historical restoration of Abescon lighthouse finish.

Absecon Lighthouse Coating

ABC Outstanding Merit Award

We removed failed coatings and applied a new protective coating to the 171 ft. Abescon Lighthouse – while it remained open for public tours. The project was completed in 5 weeks without any injuries or incidents. EISI was recognized by the Association of Builders & Contractors with an Outstanding Merit Award.

Learn more about the Abescon Lighthouse coating project here.

Scaffold Installation Work

Specialized scaffolding system erected in swimming pool.

Specialized Scaffolding System

ABC Excellence in Construction Award

We erected a 13,500 sq. ft. scaffold system in a 400,000 gallon swimming pool without draining the water. Work was completed over the course of 15 days in order to provide overhead access for contractors. EISI was recognized by the Association of Builders & Contractors with an Excellence in Construction Award.

Learn more about the University of Delaware Carpenter Sports Center Scaffolding project here.